Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day

Today is one of my favorite and least productive days of the year, Opening Day.  I have a few important things to do today, but rest assured, these tasks will be no closer to completion this time tomorrow.  Instead, I am about to spend the better part of 12 hours getting my money's worth from my newly subscribed to premium package.  Deeeeeelightful.

On today's viewing schedule (The games and why I'm watching):

1:05pm - Phillies/Nationals - Barack throwing out the first pitch, Halladay's Phillies debut
1:10pm - Marlins/Mets - Johan Santana v. Josh Johnson
2:10pm - Rockies/Brewers - Ubaldo Jimenez v. Yovani Gallardo
4:10pm - Tigers/Royals - Justin Verlander vs. Zack Greinke
4:10pm - Cubs/Braves - MLB Debut of Jason Heyward
7:10pm - Giants/Astros - Tim Lincecum vs. Roy Oswalt
10:05pm - Mariners/Athletics - Felix Hernandez v. Ben Sheets

See you at first pitch.