Thursday, April 8, 2010

C.J. Wilson

This guy is straight filthy.  He's got the velocity, the secondary pitches, the declining walk rates, and the groundball tendencies for a breakout season in his first year as a starter.

I might pick him up for my fantasy team before his next start.

Bronson Arroyo

Did you know that nobody has made more starts in the last 4 seasons (2006-2009) than Bronson Arroyo?  At a 4.00 ERA, no less.  In that park.

He just went 8 strong against the Cardinals, getting Matt Holliday to end a 2-on threat in a tie game.

Dude's underrated.

Monday, April 5, 2010 Back Up; Pujols, Santana, Halladay

1-0 Cardinals. Guess who.

David Wright 2-run HR, a hand for Jason Bay; I'm watching this for number 57.  The Yankees nearly traded a package rumored to include Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera and Austin Jackson among others for Johan in the fall of 2007. Those prospects, less Hughes, would later be traded for Javier Vazquez and Curtis Granderson, and the money the Yankees would have paid Johan Santana once traded went to pay for C.C. Sabathia.  How well would Johan Santana have to pitch over the next five years for the Yankees to regret not making this move?  Is such a level of performance even possible?

Roy Halladay allows a single and a stolen base to Nyjer Morgan on his first two NL pitches.  Willie Harris takes a pitch 8 inches off the plate for a strike.  Maybe Halladay will win 25 games after all.  Ryan Zimmerman his a laser beam for an opposite-field wall-banging double.  Maybe not.  Adam Dunn's first strikeout of the season.

Obama First Pitch; Down

Our President throws like a girl. is down at 1pm on Opening Day.  That was fast.  All I have right now are Cardinals/Reds [Carpenter v. Harang] and Marlins/Mets.


1pm Games; Let the Johan/Halladay debate begin.

Now that Doc Halladay and Johan Santana are finally pitching in the same division, it has never been more relevant to compare the two.  After the jump:

Opening Day

Today is one of my favorite and least productive days of the year, Opening Day.  I have a few important things to do today, but rest assured, these tasks will be no closer to completion this time tomorrow.  Instead, I am about to spend the better part of 12 hours getting my money's worth from my newly subscribed to premium package.  Deeeeeelightful.

On today's viewing schedule (The games and why I'm watching):

1:05pm - Phillies/Nationals - Barack throwing out the first pitch, Halladay's Phillies debut
1:10pm - Marlins/Mets - Johan Santana v. Josh Johnson
2:10pm - Rockies/Brewers - Ubaldo Jimenez v. Yovani Gallardo
4:10pm - Tigers/Royals - Justin Verlander vs. Zack Greinke
4:10pm - Cubs/Braves - MLB Debut of Jason Heyward
7:10pm - Giants/Astros - Tim Lincecum vs. Roy Oswalt
10:05pm - Mariners/Athletics - Felix Hernandez v. Ben Sheets

See you at first pitch.